Anonymous: do you guys believe in second chances in relationship?? :/

i don’t exactly understand what you’re asking? you mean giving the other person a second chance? it kinda depends on the situation, i guess x

- vivi

Anonymous: hi, i'm sorry, i know this isn't really an advice thingy but what's happened to ambrosya? i miss her :( is she going to come back to tumblr?

rui got terminated and she’s now back as viqilance so check her out? x

Anonymous: bby i talked to her thanks so much! we're completely fine and i told her why i was mad at her, she told me about her problems and everything's fine yay thank you so much bby! how're you?

oh yay glad that i could help and i’m ok i guess, if you want to talk then ask on my personal here x


Anonymous: actually i'm just going to talk to her what's the worst that can happen? i miss her way too much too so wish me luck!

oh yay for you and good luck, tell me how it turns out yea? x


Anonymous: what i said was my friend will listen and she knows that i'm not having an easy time right now but the thing is, she doesn't know how bad it is.... but i still wonder why she hasn't asked if i'm okay.. maybe she doesn't care.. and i don't really want to make the first move because i'm scared and also i hate being the one to bow down...

i get what you mean about hating to ‘bow down’ and maybe she doesn’t understand. i guess not everyone know’s exactly what it feels like to be sad, or if they do it’s a different kind of sad. she may or may not care but i honestly think that she still does but she too doesn’t want to bow down and or might just not understand the way you feel. if you don’t want to make the ‘first move’ then don’t and just forget about it but if it really means something to you then you shouldn’t have to feel like ‘bowing down’ and you’d be ok with it. just do what you feel like and don’t force yourself to do anything you’re not comfortable with if you don’t think it will help x


Anonymous: Mimi - thank you so much for putting all this time into answering the questions! you have such a great heart xo

awww thank you but i like answering questions x


Anonymous: you keep ignoring my messages.... :(

no what i’ve answered all of them :c check again? x


Anonymous: hello?


Anonymous: bby recently my life hasn't been going that well and i've been crying a lot, however, i am talking to one person about it but i really want to talk to an old friend who i think hates me but i'm scared she won't want to :'( i just feel like my life is falling apart and i don't have the people i want the most

hi darling, firstly cry your heart out. let it all out. you’ll feel relieved after and ‘lighter’ if that makes any sense. most people have felt the way you do so if that old friend was really a friend they’d forget the hate and listen. ask your old friend how she is and start small talk then if you’re comfortable just ask her if you can tell her something and pour it all out. it’s hard not having the people you want or maybe even need but you’ll get through it and meet new people. if the people who aren’t in your life anymore are worth it they’ll be back eventually and if they care about you, you should be able to talk to them comfortably. hope this helps and just ‘wait out the storm’ and then ‘dance in the rain’, you’ll appreciate things more after it’s over x


Anonymous: and i apologize for not mentioning it, but would it be possible to get more than one perspective? It's fine if it's not possible. Oh and i wanna say thanks to you girls for doing this xx

most likely we’ll give our different perspectives on all questions unless our opinions are the same ahaha and you’re very welcome x